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Controlled Demolition

Our Husqvarna DXR Robotic Demolition machines are an ideal solution to removing concrete where there are restrictions of access, weight loading or toxic atmospheres. Click below for more details.

Main benefits being:
  • Due to the demolition machines being radio controlled. No operatives to be in the close proximity to the work area eliminating the risks posed from falling debris and vibration.
  • Fully manouverable machines can access clearings from 830mm in width with the ability to climb stairs.
  • All machinery is electro hydraulic so eliminating fumes in the work areas.
  • Percussive breaking outclass other equipment of similar weight.
  • Hydraulic crunching jaws which are virtually silent and vibration free.

Diamond Drilling Services

Drilling Service

Adept Concrete Cutting Ltd offer a range of Diamond Drilling Services to the construction and civil engineering sector. We are a long established and highly skilled drilling company and offer a range of drilling services such as core drilling, rotary percussion drilling and stitch drilling. Click below for more details.

Core drilling is an indispensable, vibration free, method of forming clean holes in structural concrete and other building materials, with single holes varying in diameter from 10mm up to 1000mm. The holes can be formed by either electrically, hydraulically or pneumatically driven drill motors.

Rotary percussion drilling is utilised for forming holes for dowel bars, starter bars, etc in concrete. To overcome the problem of hand-arm vibration syndrome (H.A.V.S.) we employ E-Z drilling machines, these can be used to form holes from 16mm to 50mm diameter and to depths of up to 450mm.

Mining barrels are used to drill holes up to 200mm diameter through large masonry structures i.e. bridge abutments, to enable the installation of tie bars etc.
Stitch drilling is a method of using interlocking diamond cored holes to provide openings of any shape or size in reinforced concrete and other building materials, through walls, floors and soffits.

Concrete Cutting

Saw Cutting Service

As one of the UK's premier concrete cutting companies, we use a variety of methods for producing fast, clean, dust free and accurate cuts in reinforced concrete and other building materials. These include concrete sawing in wall and soffits, wire sawing and ring sawing. Click below for more details.

Track sawing uses a track mounted saw head, either electrically or hydraulically driven, used to form openings in walls and soffits up to 700mm deep, in reinforced concrete and other building materials.

Wire sawing is a technique using diamond impregnated wire, running through a series of drive and guide pulleys to form cuts where other methods of drilling or sawing aren't feasible due to the shape or size of the material to be cut.

Our concrete floor sawing machines can be either diesel, petrol or electrically driven to produce cuts up to 525mm deep in concrete slabs, using diamond tipped cutting blades.
Ring sawing is a hand held method of saw cutting, used to form cuts up to 250mm deep in all building materials, using a diamond tipped offset cutting wheel, either hydraulically or electrically driven.
Chain sawing is used where over cutting is not allowed to form square cut corners, ideally used in masonry openings and capable of cutting up to 600mm deep.

Controlled Demolition

Controlled Demolition

Controlled demolition is a method of removing structures that are first isolated by drilling and/or saw cutting, before being removed using techniques such as hydraulic bursting, crunching or pneumatic breaking. Click below for more details.

This is a technique where a hydraulic ram is placed in holes pre-drilled in the concrete up to 200mm in diameter. The ram is then extended to burst the surrounding reinforced concrete in a dust and vibration free, virtually silent method. This method can be used in heavily reinforced concrete of almost any thickness.

Hydraulic crunching is a method of removing reinforced concrete walls and slabs up to 400mm thick by crushing the concrete using either portable or robotic hydraulic jaws.

Electric breaking is a method of removing concrete. This type of breaking is only carried out with vibration dampened machines and in strict accordance with risk assessments used to counter the risk of Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (H.A.V.S.)

For more information and advice of drilling, saw cutting and controlled demolition services we provide.

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